Organic fertilizer

Smithfield Romania is one of the main promoters of agriculture based on the use of organic fertilizers, in accordance with the best agricultural practices approved in Romania and the EU. Organic fertilization, by well-defined rules, is one of the factors that allows the establishment of organic farming, so popular today, in a world that focuses increasingly on what’s natural.

Our Company annually provides organic fertilizer to fertilize the agricultural lands and pastures of communities, applied through  modern techniques of injection and scarification, according to plans and analyses that determine the optimum quantity of organic fertilizer for every parcel of land.

Fertilization of agricultural crops is done with organic fertilizers from hog farms, that make a far higher contribution to soil nutrition, being successfully used by grain growers all over Europe, according to  the Code for Good Agricultural Practices.. Organic fertilizers provide the necessary of active substance in the soil (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), increase the quantity of organic substance in the soil (improving the earth structure), increase the quantity of macro and micro-elements in the soil and, not least, increase the income made by farmers from the grain production.

Following the analyses made, there were record average productions of 15,000 kg/ ha in agricultural crops on organically fertilized land.

Experiment in Collaboration with Pioneer

2013 is the sixth consecutive year when Smithfield Ferme, together with Pioneer, experimented Pioneer hybrid corn cultures, under the surveillance of Timiș Office for Pedological and Agrochemial Studies. This experiment demonstrates our concern for promoting modern agriculture. The benefits of organic fertilization have been demonstrated every time through the results obtained by our specialists on organically fertilized lots, with values that exceed the results from the lots cultivated without fertilization of chemical fertilizers.

Public Harvesting on Organically Fertilized Lands 

Smithfield Ferme obtained record crops in 2011 as well, on an organically fertilized land. Thus, for the fourth consecutive year, Smithfield Ferme representatives participated in the public harvesting of a witness lot of 2.4 ha in Jimbolia locality, cultivated with Pioneer hybrid corn and organically fertilized by Smithfield Ferme.


This year, 21 corn hybrids were sowed on the 2.4 ha of demonstrative lots, whose productivity achieved was between 10000 kg and 12,440 kg/ha.


Fertilization of crops with organic fertilizers coming from farms is successfully used by grain growers in the entire Europe.

Smithfield Ferme representatives participated these days, in Jimbolia Commune, to the public harvesting of a witness lot of 10 ha cultivated with Pioneer hybrid corn and organically fertilized by Smithfield Ferme.


Following the harvesting of lots cultivated with Pioneer hybrid corn and organically fertilized, record yields of more than 12 tons/ha were obtained.


The experiment is part of Smithfield Ferme program to promote agriculture made with the help of organic fertilizers, developed in partnership with the Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds company – the subsidy from Romania and under the surveillance of Timișoara Office for Pedological and Agrochemical Studies (OSPA), the third partnership in this program, with which Smithfield Ferme already has a 3-year collaboration. This event was also attended by farmers (agricultural producers) from Timiș County, Jimbolia Town Hall, OSPA Timișoara, Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and dealers of agricultural products.

Smithfield Ferme representatives participated on October 9, 2009, at the harvesting of corn crops sowed with Pioneer seeds on a lot fertilized with organic fertilizer coming from Smithfield Romania farms.


Collaboration between Smithfield Ferme, which carried out the organic fertilization (fertilizer concentration – 60 cm/ha) and Pioneer which provided the corn hybrids, resulted in the creation of an experimental corn field of 9 ha, provided by an independent farmer.


Results were revealing throughout the entire demonstrative lot, obtaining record yields between 10.8 tons/ha and 13 tons/ha, depending on the type of hybrids sowed.

Smithfield Ferme and Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds – the subsidiary from Romania of the world leader in the research and production of hybrid seeds, started an experiment – collaboration, to demonstrate to the farmers the impact that the use of organic fertilizers has on cultures, in this case, on corn cultures.


Timișoara Office for Pedological and Agrochemical Studies (OSPA), the third partner in this project, with which Smithfield Ferme has already had a 3-year collaboration, provided 58 ha of land for achieving the experiment. It consisted in the fertilization with organic fertilizer from Smithfield Romania farms, of the land areas sowed with Pioneer corn and in the evaluation of results thus obtained in the experimental cultures established


The result was a record production in average of 12 – 13 tons of corn per hectare. At Jimbolia, on the experimental lots sowed with Pioneer hybrids, productions between 15.5 and 16 tons per ha were recorded.



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