Farmer – Partner Program

Smithfield Romania offers business opportunities for farmers / local investors in the establishment of Wean-to-Finish Farms, in full compliance with European Union standards.

Do you want to develop and manage a farm through a partnership with a prestigious company? Contact our Development Team!

„“The Farmer – Partner Program is an integrated solution to develop successful partnerships, on innovative principles of livestock production, in a traditional family business.”

Did you always want to be a successful farmer?

We offer a unique model of collaboration! The safety of your business has now a different perspective – collaboration with Smithfield Romania.

If you’re a breeder, you have at least 900 available places and you want to get into a business that gives you safety.

If you are attracted by the perspective of a new business development in the livestock field, already having a stable customer who takes over 100% of the animals you are raising … you are already qualified for this collaboration!

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What does success guarantee?  

What opportunities do I have?