CSR Social

“Be One of Us”

is a social involvement program that proposes to support and promote local cultures from areas where the Company operates, by supporting a wide array of unique customs and festivals, related to the traditional village calendar. Celebration of unique local habits, perpetuated through play and songs, is the essence of the rich tradition of Banat area, represented by the harmony between locals of various cultures, either Bulgarian, Swabian, Hungarian or Serbs. Whatever the season, we stand by communities during cultural events taking place in villages and towns in the region throughout the year. Multiculturality and life in harmony, regardless of ethnicity, are appreciated as common values of Banat area and are encouraged and supported by our Company.

„Food for Souls”

Smithfield Romania is the initiator of “Food for Souls” program to support the families with social needs from communities facing food insecurity, a program developed in collaboration with partner organizations (non-governmental organizations, churches etc.).

As of 2009 to date

  • 397,000 meals served
  • 20 partner NGOs

Through this program our Company provides free Comtim meat products contributing to the daily meals of people in social risk. Thus, the daily menu of beneficiaries is completed by an essential source of high-quality animal protein, necessary for a balanced diet, a prerequisite for healthy and harmonious development.

With the help of volunteers, Comtim products are provided either as a hot meal (by social canteens, daycare centers, hospitals and orphanages), or as packaged fresh meat, in case the partner NGO does not benefit of its proper canteen.

So far, the beneficiaries of this program include: the Social Canteen from Timișoara, “Constantin și Elena” Daycare Center, General Directorate for the Social Protection of Children, “Iisus Speranța României” Christian Association, Caritas Federation of Timișoara Dioceses for the centers: Mother and Child Home, “Parter Jordan” Night Home and și “Casa Maria a Apostolilor” Shelter for Women, “Rudolf Walter” Association, “Mana” Association, “Timișoara’89” Foundation, “Pentru Voi” Foundation, and “Deborah” Home.

Herbert Grun, Executive Secretary for Caritas Federation of Timișoara Dioceses

“Caritas Federation of Timișoara Dioceses provides the daily meal for 450 people in need and your support was, once again, more than welcomed. On behalf of our beneficiaries (children, elders, homeless, abused women etc.) we would like not only to thank you, but also to send you our admiration for your intention to help, that we see so seldom nowadays.”

Laurențiu Timiș, Executive Director of the Evangelic Association “Isus Speranța României”

 “Our Association thanks you for all the support and openness to and sensitivity for our needs. Your donations are very useful in one of our major projects – the Daycare Center and the Center for Rehabilitation and Social Protection of Minors and the “Mana” project, where 25 people receive a daily hot meal.”

The Fundraising Campaign for ”Horse Emotion”

Smithfield Romania employees organized a fundraising campaign during the annual party of employees, in late 2016, called „At Smithfield, You Give and You Receive!”. Our fundraising campaign was organized on behalf of „Horse Emotion” - http://www.horsemotion.ro/ - a non-governmental organization that provides free hypotherapy sessions for children with special needs.

The entire amount of money collected by Smithfield Romania employees was used by Horse Emotion to upgrade the racetrack from Ianova, which is intended for children with special needs. The organization has developed a project that involves the set-up of a “sensorial garden” based on natural textures, such as bark, lavender or river stones, in order to improve the treatment of children and the way they interact with the environment.

The visit from “Hansel and Gretel” Orphanage was concluded by the children’s award with diplomas, school supplies and clothes, provided on behalf of the Company. Employees also contributed with personal donations and gave the children sweets, clothes, toys, and money. The action proved very emotional, since both the children and our colleagues-volunteers enthusiastically got involved in all the activities carried out together.

Hypotherapy is the horse-assisted therapy for humans, and especially for children with various disabilities, such as: infantile cerebral palsy, tertraparesis, Down Syndrome, autism etc. The various physical and mental benefits can be seen over time, but the joy in children’s eyes is immediately apparent.

Smithfield Romania Friends

Smithfield Friends program is the most recent social involvement program started by the Company, a program that encourages volunteering among Smithfield Romania colleagues and aims at building an organizational culture that encourages personal involvement in social projects.


Other Social Actions Supported by Smithfield Romania