In order to support the sustainable development of the livestock sector in Romania and the development of the food industry in our country, Smithfield Romania is continuously involved in sustainability programs with a positive impact on the development of the areas in which we operate. We understand to conduct our business responsibly, with respect to: Employees, the environment, communities and animals on our farms.

The Pillars of Our Sustainable Development Strategy:

Animal care
Keep animals safe, comfortable and healthy.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We provide an organizational culture that provides diversity, inclusion and respect for every employee.
We are committed to shrinking our environmental impact and eliminating waste.
Food Safety and Quality
Deliver safe, affordable, high-quality protein to meet the growing global demand.
Health and Wellness
We promote well-being through improved nutrition and innovation in the food industry.
Helping Communities
We support communities through charitable actions and volunteering projects with a positive impact on reducing food insecurity and supporting education.
Worker Health and Safety
Keep our employees healthy and safe.

Beyond strictly business-related objectives, Smithfield Romania proposes itself to invest and get actively involved in development of local communities where it operates. This active involvement is reflected through its social responsibility – namely environmental protection, promotion of modern agriculture (by supporting organic fertilization), facilitation of access to education, social support for disadvantaged groups, all these generating a positive economic impact on development of economy in the western side of Romania.