Sustainable Operations

We are the largest hog producer in Romania and we assume the mission to be leader in setting the highest standards in terms of animal welfare. Our farm animals are reared with care and responsibility, every day. The entire livestock of our own farms and our partners’ farms have a genetically increased performance and are reared under the optimal safety, comfort and health conditions. Therefore, we provide our customers with high quality meat products, produced to the highest standards in the industry, in terms of food safety. We are thus keeping our consumers’ trust in our brands.

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Smithfield Romania, Operations at an Integrated Level:

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Our Commitments

What defines us?

-High quality standards

-Consumers’ trust in our products

Smithfield Romania has developed over time and consistently applies strict strategic programs and work policies and procedures in the following fields: environmental protection, animal welfare, quality, occupational health and safety, human rights etc.

Internal Certification

We have voluntarily implemented the following Management Systems: