Employee Health and Safety is Our Top Priority

Our primary responsibility is keeping employees healthy and safe

The essential measures taken by our company amidst the COVID-19 pandemic are aimed at protecting the health and safety of all our employees, customers and partners.

The measures taken by our company were put in place to protect our meat processing operations and animal hog production activity in Timiș and Arad Counties so that we can continue to serve our customers with the highest quality protein, standing by our belief: 

Physical and Social Distancing Measures

Measures are in place throughout our facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • All employees and visitors are required to wear a face mask while on site.  *Surgical masks provided by the company
  • Visual cues have been put in place on the canteen floor to indicate the minimum distance that should be held between people at the food servicing counter.
  • Updated canteen layout by removing chairs to ensure social distancing; seats at each table diminished from 4 to 2 and are marked where to sit to avoid close contact and large groups.
  • Rescheduled bus times and implemented staggered arrival times to prevent crowding in the parking lot, entrance and locker rooms.
  • Additional number of buses transporting employees to and from work in order to ensure proper social distancing.
  • Adjusted arrival, break and departure times in order to limit the number of people in a certain area at one time.
  • Delayed all nonessential business travel.
  • Relaxed attendance policies to eliminate any punitive effects for missing work due to COVID-19.
  • Installed Plexiglass Barriers on the production lines and in break areas: canteen tables (front/left/right) and in the smoking area (individual places separated left and right).

Employee Screening Measures

  • Executing extensive ARN nCov-RT-PCR testing protocol for all employees.
  • Implemented mass thermal scanning systems to identify employees with high temperatures prior to entering facilities.
  • Created dedicated quarantine room for potential COVID-19 cases alongside a dedicated transport bus to ensure transport of sick employees.
  • Ensured physical segregation during work shift changes for both employee flows.
  • Using digital thermometers to monitor employees’ temperature upon entering transport vehicles.
  • Filling out a COVID-19 screening questionnaire (online and paper options) on a daily basis.

Sanitizing and Disinfection Measures

Our company has implemented and is firmly respecting sanitation and good practice protocols. On top of that, we will continue to implement safety measures, for a constant and rigorous deep cleaning and sanitization at all our locations.

  • Access to production areas is only available by passing through a hand and boot sanitary filter.
  • Added hand and foot sanitizing stations (canteen, all access points, locker rooms, production zones, offices, asp).
  • Cleaning protocol that includes daily disinfection of all plant and common space.
  • Clean and sanitize commonly touched surfaces, handrails, doors and tables, plus the disinfection of locker rooms and the canteen several times a day.
  • Daily disinfection of transportation units.
  • Daily disinfection of locker rooms, canteen.
  • Providing kits that consist of disinfecting gels and tissues, face masks, rubber gloves, and informational flyers on COVID-19 to all employees.
  • Providing drivers with sanitizer for daily hand cleaning.

Communication and Employee Awareness 

To ensure our employees are fully informed about COVID-19, we have taken the following measures:

  • Information Campaign – posters hung throughout the facility in multiple languages (Romanian and Vietnamese) and info posters and boards displayed at access points in the canteen and medical room containing the following subjects: social distancing, hand washing & disinfection procedures, face covering (compulsory mask wearing procedure), COVID-19 symptoms, and COVID-19 Hotline (Government service).
    • Weekly communication sessions between management and direct reports to discuss training regarding new COVID-19 procedure and reiteration of prevention measures.
  • Employees are encouraged to communicate all suspicions of or contact with any potentially infected people.
  • Educating employees about how COVID-19 spreads, legal requirements, how to protect themselves and others, and on all other news. This is being done by displaying audio-video trainings on all TV’s, sending out daily/weekly Newsletters, placing flyers throughout the facilities and conducting info sessions during induction day for new employees.