Feed Mills and animal nutrition

The main advantage in the marketing of compound feed produced in the two Feed Mills – Vinga and Pădureni – is the production of fodder by use of our specialists’ knowledge and state of the art technologies in the manufacturing processes.

The feed produced in the two Feed Mills – Vinga Feed Mill and Pădureni Feed Mill – are of premium quality and based on recipes that provide animal nutritional intake, balanced optimally by age and functional needs.

To ensure the feed of our animals, Smithfield Romania invested in building and updating two Feed Mills in Timiș and Arad Counties.

Vinga Feed Mill (Greenfield investment):


·        Total storage capacity – 60,000 tons of grains

Pădureni Feed Mill (investment in updating of the existing plant):

·        Total storage capacity – 65,000 tons of grains

The Feed Mills facilitate the reception and drying of grains produced by local farmers and the storage of dry grains and produces swine feed based on own recipes, developed by our specialists in animal nutrition.