Our brands

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Since 2002, the offers of Elit and Veri brands include a wide range of tasty packaged meats, based on pork, beef and poultry. ELIT range of products has a high-degree of diversity, providing consumers with a wide range of products, from fresh pork, thermally treated products to raw-dry products. With all these products, we lure the most demanding gourmets and drive the appetite of those who don’t know our products.

Elit and Vericom products are so good and tasty, that we can find them at any table and in every home. We are specialists in homemade products, such as pastrami or homemade ham, and chicken and turkey specialties.

Today, few products have the same taste as before. But here, this is the law: from 100 kg of meat we must also obtain 100 kg of homemade products. "Full of Meat" is the brand for all Romanians who want to discover the authentic taste of the homemade products.

“Full of Meat” packaged meats platters will always contribute to easy and quick organization of a party, by the presence of these delicious products.

In terms of taste, all Premia products are extraordinary. As of 2005, packaged meats from the Premium range always ensure a delicious meal.

Either we are talking about the summer salami, prosciutto cotto or about smoked specialties, the Premia range of products is on the table of all Romanians. We keep our promise to feed the families and our country with fresh products and preparations, carefully selected and very tasty. Elit is our most popular brand, with a tradition of almost 15 years where our main concern was delivering quality products of an exquisite taste.

Promo is a popular brand that includes delicious packaged meats, such as sausages, salami and smoked products. The Promo products are excellent for sandwiches or can be served on a platter at parties, always being a convenient option.

The Promo range of products came from the desire to be closer to the consumer with accessible prices, so that anyone can enjoy the savory and taste of our products.

Pizzaro is the most recent brand of Elit, addressed to HoReCa customers, which mostly includes assortments of ham and bacon.

Vericom products are so tasty and delicious, that we find them in every home, at every table. We are specialists in homemade goods such as pastrami or homemade ham and chicken and turkey specialties.