Animal welfare

Smithfield Romania has developed over time and consistently applies strict strategic programs of animal health surveillance and food safety, by meeting the rules on biosecurity, animal welfare and traceability throughout the entire flow of pork production.

Smithfield Romania was the first producer from Romania whose safety veterinary systems led to authorization of delivering pork to the European Union Member States and, in 2014, to People’s Republic of China.



About Welfare 

Our animals are cared for every day with the greatest responsibility.

In our farms, we ensure consistency with the EU demands for observing the surfaces by category of animal, depending on their age. Compliance with the conditions of the farm microclimate is achieved through an optimal control of all basic parameters: temperature appropriate to animals’ age, ventilation, humidity, and lighting in different time periods.

Feed recipes developed by nutritionists turn high-quality cereals into animal feed. The optimal energy balance and nutritional intake is adapted to the age and weight of the animals.

The strictest procedures and operating standards of the European Union in terms of animal welfare and bio-security legislation are observed and implemented in every farm in our system.

Our livestock farms have advanced systems of protection in terms of biosecurity, animal health and welfare and their compliance is ensured by veterinary specialists.