Hog Production

Our farms

Smithfield Romania is the largest hog producer in Romania. We take on the mission to be leader in setting the highest standards of animal welfare. Animals in Smithfield Romania farms are raised, every day, with care and responsibility. The entire livestock of our farms and our partners’ farms are based on a genetically increased perfo...


Animal welfare

Smithfield Romania has developed over time and consistently applies strict strategic programs of animal health surveillance and food safety, by meeting the rules on biosecurity, animal welfare and traceability throughout the entire flow of pork production. Smithfield Romania was the first producer from Romania whose safety veterinary systems led...

Feed Mills and animal nutrition

Feed production is carried out by putting into practice, within the manufacturing processes, the knowledge and expertise of our specialists and the latest technologies we have. The feed produced in the two Feed Mills – Vinga Feed Mill and Pădureni Feed Mill – are of premium quality and based on recipes that provide animal nutritional i...