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Fresh Pork Range

Fresh 100% Romanian Pork

Smithfield Romania provides the local market with fresh pork and packaged meats, locally produced, while meeting the strictest international standards applicable in the field, in our Meat Plant, the Packaged Meats Plant and all the farms, where animals are raised locally, with grains cultivated in Romania.

Smithfield Romania thus consistently provides the Romanian and international markets with a various range of fresh pork products, made in a sustainable manner, with great attention to detail, from carcasses to deboned parts (neck, loin, leg, shoulder, organs etc.) or semi-processed products (minced meat, sliced products, and marinated products). Our teams of specialized meat carvers (deboners) have the necessary expertise to achieve a large range of pork assortments, both by technical standards’ specifications and according to the special requirements of our customers, the small and large meat processors in Romania and on the external market. 


Products Distributed Nationwide

Our Comtim products are distributed nationwide, on all sales channels for fresh meat: in most KA networks to industrial customers (large and small packaged meats processors in Romania and Europe), and in the local distribution networks. As of February 2012, our Company has started deliveries of fresh pork produced in Romania to other EU Member States.

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