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Comtim products

Comtim – From Your Family’s Tradition!

Smithfield Romania, the best supply chain for 100% Romanian pork.

We are the largest pork producer in Romania, providing constant supply with 100%, high-quality Romanian pork, produced to the highest industry standards in terms of quality and food safety. We are characterized by the high-quality of our fresh pork, produced in a sustainable manner. Our entire team treats food safety responsibly, throughout the entire production flow, from farm to the end consumer.

Smithfield Romania has developed over time and consistently applies strategic programs for strict surveillance of animal health and food safety, observing the biosecurity and animal welfare rules throughout the entire pork production flow, from farm to fork.

Comtim – With and about Quality

At Smithfield Romania, we highly value the quality and food safety of the pork produced in our slaughterhouse. We use the most modern and advanced tools of meat processing, Smithfield Romania Slaughterhouse currently processing one third of the total carcasses produced and classified in Romania.

For Smithfield Romania, quality is synonymous with maintaining strict biosecurity procedures and management systems throughout the production chain.

Why Comtim?

  High quality meat and delicious taste;

  Pigs raised in Romania and fed with Romanian grains;

  Food safety: meat is produced in an integrated system, in our farms and in partnership with local farmers;

√  Products are carefully selected;

√  Optimal content of vitamins and minerals;

√  Wide range of pork products according to consumers’ preferences.

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The quality safety of 100% Romanian pork products is the main priority of the entire team, on all operational levels.

For Smithfield Romania, the quality of our pork produced in our own slaughterhouse is paramount. The initial construction, started in 1985, was completed by massive investment in a full renovation, after the purchase of Comtim in 2004.

By using the most modern and advanced meat processing tools and techniques, Smithfield Romania currently processes one third of the total pig carcasses produced and classified in Romania.


Food Quality and Safety