Why Smithfield Romania?

We only give you 5 reasons. Come and check them out!
Global company in
continuous development

Smithfield Romania is the largest pork producer in Romania and part of Smithfield Foods corporation – the largest hog breeder and pork producer in the world.

You have the opportunity to build a career in a multinational company!

Career development
in a super team

We are a team of over 4,200 colleagues, 100% dedicated to their profession. Being part of a leading team of sustainable pork production in Romania is a strong reason to always exceed your potential.

We invest in your career!


Smithfield Romania is involved in all communities where it operates, through numerous social responsibility programs, organized with the support of volunteer employees.

Over 60 communities will be grateful to you!

Alongside the best
specialists in the field

We believe that in order to develop harmoniously, you need a sustainable mentor. Our team is made of co-workers specialized in our fields of industry and state-of-the-art technologies, to support and guide you in the right direction.

Together, we are the best!

We encourage proactive
behavior and innovation

We promote and implement in the company the ideas of our employees, through various projects and internal programs. What today is a simple idea, tomorrow can be a successful product. We challenge you to be proactive!

Innovation is part of our DNA.