Smithfield Romania support social actions


Smithfield Romania is permanently helping children with special needs and supporting social actions carried out for the benefit of local communities.

In the first week of December 2017 Smithfield Romania, in partnership with the HorsEmotion Association, organised a Christmas party which was a bit… out of the ordinary!

In a festive atmosphere, over 100 children were invited to the riding stables at Ianova. Together with meek horses and Santa Claus in a horse-drawn carriage, the children spent an unforgettable day, with presents and carols!

The children who participated had the opportunity to interact with the animals and also ride horses in a live merry-go-round, under the guidance of the ‘elves,’ representatives of the HorsEmotion association. The children came from foster care centres, family-style houses or residential-style centres, there were also children with special needs, and they were joined by children of Smithfield Romania’s employees.


** HorsEmotion Timisoara provides hippotherapy (therapy with horses) sessions for children with diverse disabilities such as infantile cerebral palsy, quadriplegics, paraparesis, Down syndrome, autism, retarded development and neuromotor/psychomotor disability.



Educational program for increasing awareness on the importance of a balanced nutrition

Smithfield Romania continues, this year as well, the
“Food Health Class”






Smithfield Romania, in partnership with the Society for Medical Students in Timisoara, has supported, for the fifth year in a row, on the occasion of “World Food Day”, an open class, namely “Food Health Class”.

Students of 4th grade in Sanmihaiu Roman Secondary School have been invited to this session of presenting concepts related to a balanced nutrition.

Under the motto of “We eat healthy food”, students have been pleased to be informed of the importance of a balanced nutrition (food and water consumption and physical effort), of the food pyramid or the reason why it is important to know the food proportions recommended for consumption, based on their age.






Encouraging a healthy nutrition is a debt of honour that our company chooses to take on, annually, by providing students with important information about a balanced nutrition and a healthy life. We wish to contribute to acquiring healthy food behaviours ever since early ages!

Over 150 countries celebrate, on October 16, “World Food Day”, declared by UNO General Assembly for the purpose of increasing the degree of public awareness on issues related to food, worldwide, and of consolidating solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.






Warriors CLUB, children with high expectations

Smithfield Romania Supports a Healthy Life through Sport!  

Within the social responsibility programs initiated by Smithfield Romania, the projects supporting a healthy life style through physical exercise and a balanced nutrition represent a priority! The non-formal education, aiming at a harmonious development by practicing sports, discovering mountains’ secrets and respecting nature, builds up beautiful, strong and balanced personalities.

Through our company’s support offered in August of the current year, the children with high expectations from Warriors Sports Club have participated in a training camp organized in Banat mountain region. In addition to the training performed for gaining a wider knowledge of techniques related to their favorite sport, rugby, the camp offered them the opportunity to also try other interesting games: ping-pong, football, or even the mind sport, chess! Furthermore, the children enjoyed knowing one another better, helping one another in the challenges of their trips or visits to spectacular cascades or other interesting tourist attractions.

Each evening ended with the mirage of the camp fire, which is a unique memory of a story childhood, where Comtim products offered as a sponsorship by our company were gladly consumed, to the delight of all!

Club Warriors




Smithfield Romania’s Support for Innovation

Smithfield Romania has been one of the main sponsors of “<<Traian Vuia>> Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations in Timisoara”, 2017 Edition, organized by the Association for Banat Society of Inventors. This exhibition presented invention and innovation projects with applicability in our field of activity – from agricultural machineries to equipment assisting in production efficiency increase. The event took place at “Casa Tineretului” in Timisoara, during June 7 – 9, and has benefited from the participation of 150 people.

Our company’s support for innovation and inventions in the Western part of the country has been rewarded with a Certificate of Excellence for invention promotion and support.

Diploma Salonul de Invetii si Inovatii -  Who Are the Players of the Meat and Milk Production Market? Smithfield Foods Has Received the Excellence Prize in the Field of Durability Top of the Largest Employers in Meat Industry: The First Ten Have Around 13,000 Employees The Largest 30 Meat Producers Hold over 80% of Exports -  Top of the Largest Pig Producers in Romania: the Chinese and the Danish Control One Third of the Local Market The Biggest Mural on a Public Institution Has Been Inaugurated at the Secondary School of Sanmihaiu Roman Smithfield: Unpredictability Has Marked 2016


Smithfield Romania Participating in 2017 Banat Agralim 2017 Exhibition

Smithfield Romania participated in 2017 edition of “Banat Agralim”, during May 26 – 28. The event was organized by USAMVB (Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine) “King Mihai I of Romania” in Timisoara, in cooperation with CCIAT (Timisoara Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture). Smithfield Romania participated in this exhibition with an exhibition stand where COMTIM products of “Bun de Gatit” assortment had been traded. There had been 6 animal specimens presented in the exhibition area. There had been machineries and equipment suppliers, farmers, representatives of the academic and professional environment from Agriculture, Food Industry, Horticulture and Forestry, Research, Innovation and Financing and Animal Production fields, participating in the event.


Since 2016

The diplomat.roThe Chinese endeavour The Faculty of Food Processing Technology in Timisoara Turns You Over to Employers from Faculty ICAP Romania Has Offered Awards for Business Excellence Smithfield’s Exports Have Exceeded 20% The Two Companies of Smithfield in Romania Had Overall Businesses of over EUR 315 Million Timisoara 89 Foundation – the First Humanitarian Organization Occurred in Romania after the Revolution – Has Celebrated 27 Years


Smithfield Romania Supports the Event Cheile Nerei Mountainbike & Trail Run 2016

Since the projects encouraging outdoor activities are a favorite of Smithfield Romania volunteers, our Company supports the organization of Cheile Nerei Mountainbike & Trail Run 2016, a charitable event encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting Cheile Nerei National Park.Thus, during the weekend of June 11-12, 2016, Cheile Nerei National Park will house the 3rd edition of this biking and mountain running competition, followed by a concert. The unique trait of Cheile Nerei Mountainbike & Trail Run 2016 is that the entire amount collected during the event will be directed to Louis Țurcanu Children Hospital from Timișoara, for purchasing of specific equipment.More details on: Cheile Nerei Mountainbike & Trail Run Race – The idea of the competition came from the desire to promote tourism in this truly amazing area and to help a good cause, namely provision of medical equipment for a children hospital. Hence, the competitions of the first 2 years, contributed with over RON 21,000 to the purchase of 6 professional medical devices of RON 45,000, which are currently in use at Louis Țurcanu Hospital.About the protected area Cheile Nerei – Beusnița, Caraș-Severin County. The National Park enjoys an extraordinary rich flora, a landscape of particular diversity and uniqueness, and a wilderness preserved due to the difficult access to the area. Among the main tourist attractions we mention Ochiul Beiului Lake, Beușniței Waterfall, Susara Waterfall and Dracului Lake (a unique karst phenomenon in our country). - ZF Who’s Who in Business Romania. Today, Bogdan Mihail, President of Smithfield Romania. Smithfield Romania Has Contracted a Financing Line of RON 193 million from Unicredit Tiriac Bank Smithfield Romania Has Obtained a Loan of 60 Million Dollars from IFC

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October 2015

Awards Ceremony for Business Excellence
 Recipients of Top of Companies Awards

The Chambers of Commerce annually awards those companies that have distinguished themselves throughout the year by economic performance, entrepreneurship, courage to innovate and invest in innovation, and ethical business conduct.
TOP OF COMPANIES IN TIMIS COUNTY is organized by Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. The 22nd edition of the Top of Companies in Timis County is an event that has become traditional for the most dynamic and powerful business community in country – the Western business community.
For their activity in 2015 SMITHFIELD PROD and SMITHFIELD FERME ranked first among the recipients of the TOP OF COMPANIES IN TIMIS COUNTY, a festive event organized on October 30 of this year, by Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.
 SMITHFIELD PROD SRL,   1st place in the category “Large Companies”, field of activity “INDUSTRY”, group of activity “Production, Processing and Preservation of Meat and Meat Products”
 SMITHFIELD FERME SRL,  1st place in the category “Very Large Companies”, field of activity “AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, FISHING”, group of activity “Animal Production”
 SMITHFIELD FERME SRL, the Distinction of Excellence for Outstanding Economic Results and ranking 1st – 3rd in the Top of Companies in Timis County in the last 4 years.
The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes the National Top of Companies in Romania, a ranking of companies that are subject to legal charges and a complex methodology, implemented uniformly by all Chambers of Commerce and Industries of our country.
The National Top of Companies in 2015 was held on November 05 at Romexpo Exhibition Center, in the presence of local and central government officials, representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Romania and representatives of the business environment. The award ceremony was held as part of a festive ceremony accompanied by artistic moments.
 The economic results obtained in FY 2014 ranked us among the best companies in the National Top of Companies in Romania, the 22nd edition, 2015, namely:
 SMITHFIELD PROD SRL,   1st place in the category “Large Companies”, field of activity “INDUSTRY”, group of activity “Production, Processing and Preservation of Meat and Meat Products”
 SMITHFIELD FERME SRL,  1st place in the category “Very Large Companies”, field of activity “AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, FISHING”, group of activity “Animal Production”


December 2014

“A Good Thought for Holidays!” Campaign

Volunteering, a Core Value for Smithfield Romania!

For the fourth consecutive year, the initiative coming from our colleagues to provide support to those who need our help now, on the eve of holidays, is a new confirmation of the fact that volunteering became part of our daily concerns!

At the end of this year, during December 16 – 19, Smithfield Romania volunteers visited the beneficiaries of Timis Child Protection Agency, the Children’s Center from Bocsig and the Children’s Center from Ineu, Arad County, where over 80 children, aged 5 – 18, received with great excitement the visit of Smithfield’s team.

Smithfield Romania volunteers have personally contributed, with gifts (toys/clothes/non-perishable food), while the Company has provided Comtim meat products for adelicious Christmas meal! Top of Producers in Food Industry – Local Investment Guide: Why Timisoara? 15 Important Companies in Meat Industry Have Received the Prize of “Business Model in Romania” Smithfield Produces over 30% of the Classified Pork Carcasses in Romania Constantin: Vinga Feed Mill, a Model for All of Us Smithfield Romania Delivers 17% of Pork Production to the EU


November 2014

“Business Model for Romania” Award – A New Distinction for Smithfield Romania

The record of awards that highlight the outstanding results achieved by Smithfield Romania in our business has been completed with the Integrated Seminar, by receiving the “Business Model for Romania” Award.

This distinction is given, as organizers appreciate, as recognition for the “contribution brought to the development of the agro-food sector in Romania, for promotion of Romanian products and for outstanding results obtained on the domestic and foreign markets, of companies that represent a role model for all Romanian economic sectors.”

Congratulations for the “Business Model for Romania” Award are addressed to all Smithfield Romania colleagues!


“Mozaic Smithfield Romania” Received the Diploma of Excellence in the National Competition “PR Awards 2014”

Our favorite newsletter “Mozaic Smithfield Romania” received, at the end of November 2014, the national recognition for creativity, innovation and impact, by obtaining a prestigious award in the projects competition Romanian PR Awards (, now in its 12th edition.

The Diploma of Excellence received in the Awards Ceremony was offered by an international top jury, bringing together expertise in communication from Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and other countries in the EU.


August 2014

Public announcement

Smithfield Romania is taking into consideration the restructuring of its credits in order to support the optimization of its capital structure.

It is expected that IFC (International Finance Corporation) will support this program. IFC has reviewed environmental and social aspects associated with the relative investment and, as a result to the evaluation carried out, it has prepared an Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) and the related Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).

Documents are available for public review and comments on this web site from August, 5th to September, 5th.

Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS)

Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).


April 2014

Smithfield Romania, one of the winners at Romanian CSR Awards competition

Constant efforts and hard work in implementing the project Smithfield Romania – P.O.R.C gets now, almost two years after the launching of the project, a well-deserved recognition in the Romanian national competition CSR Awards, 2014 edition . The jury made of experts and consultants in the field of sustainability – sustainable development, or experts with experience in projects management, designed Smihfield Romania PORC project as one of the winners, at ” Employees ” category!

Congratulations to health and safety team in Smithfield Ferme and Smithfield Prod!

More details about the Gala Awards, Romanian CSR Awards and pictures you can find at:


About ” Romanian CSR Awards – 2014 Edition”

The competition brings in the public spot and highlights projects, products and CSR campaigns of companies in Romania implemented during 2013, trough publicly recognizing those projects that have resulted in improved and even change for the better in the long run, the quality of life for employees, customers and the communities in Romania. The event aims to bring greater visibility of best CSR activities, thus contributing to a better understanding of social responsibility in Romania and responsible companies in Romania.

In the Romanian CSR Awards, 2013 edition Smithfield Romania received third place for “Back to School” program for “Education” category.

About the program P.O.R.C. (P.revention, O.bservation, R.eporting and C.orrection)

P.O.R.C. – The acronym of the project names the specifics of our object of activity, identifying also the aims pursued through this program: the P.revention, O.bservation, R.eporting and C.orrection of identified hazards in the area of operation of the company, in optimal conditions for all our employees. Involving employees in occupational safety and health issues at Smithfield Romania is part of our daily concerns as quantified by a performance indicator, which takes into account the long term, controlling, reducing and minimizing risks by employee involvement.

December 2013

Helping Hungry Homes  / Food For Souls

“Pentru Voi” Foundation and Smithfield Romania are celebrating 4 years of collaboration in the benefit of people with intellectual disabilities by sponsoring the lunch at the Foundation’s canteen, on the 20th of December.

This is organized as a part of the program “Food for souls” launched by Smithfield Romania in 2009, a social responsibility program through which, in collaboration with partner organizations, our Comtim meat products, sponsored by Smithfield are offered to people in social risk, trough the collaboration of social canteens, day centers, hospitals or orphanages.

 “Pentru Voi” Foundation  offers on a daily basis the breakfast and the lunch for 130 people with intellectual disabilities who attend our 3 day centers, and the support given by Smithfield Romania has been, once again, very welcomed. In the name of our beneficiaries we thank you!” declared Laila Onu, executive director of the Foundation “Pentru Voi”.

The lunch on the Ignatius day will be prepared with fresh Comtim pork meat offered by Smithfield Romania. The Smithfield volunteers and beneficiaries of the foundation will have the opportunity to spend a day together, they will prepare the lunch together with the canteen staff- one cook and two cook helpers, young people with intellectual disabilities, and they will be involved in all the stages, from the preparing and cooking of the products to the setting of the table and food service.

“Smithfield Romania, through the partner organizations, has offered in the last 4 years more than 40.000 kg of pork meat, which is the equivalent of 200 000 served meals to those who need our support in Timisoara and in the Banat region. It is a duty of honor to support the organizations which through sustained work contribute at improving the quality of the life of people who are in situations of social risk or who have special needs.” Mr Bogdan Mihail, President of Smithfield Romania declared.

The company also offers meat products for the beneficiaries of the “Pentru Voi” Foundation protected houses: DINA, DORA, Laura, Respiro, Cristian and Ovidiu.


Certification for the implementation of occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001 :2007

In October, an audit of TUV AUSTRIA CERT for certification on occupational health and safety management system was conducted at Smithfield Prod, aiming to implement a certified OHS management system aligned with international standards, to ensure compliance with specific legislation.

Implementation and certification of occupational health and safety management system guarantees that Smithfield Prod operates in compliance with the best management practices, thus joining the certificates previously obtained by our company, according to ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004, IFS-V.5/2007 standards, and completing our team’s efforts to align with such internationally recognized standards.

Among the benefits of implementing an OHS management system is creating a well organized framework for managing occupational health and safety challenges.

Following the audit, Smithfield Prod has obtained the certification according to OHSAS 18001:2007, along with a better performance measurement in health and safety at work.


Dana Brindescu Iovanov, a new GM at Smithfield Prod

Timisoara, November 14, 2012

Starting today, Dana Brindescu Iovanov is appointed to the position of General Manager of Smithfield Prod, part of Smithfield Romania group. In her position, she will report directly to Bogdan Mihail, President Smithfield Romania.
Dana Brindescu Iovanov joined Smithfield Prod in August 2005, as a Financial Controller and was successful in implementing new procedures and internal reporting in Finance area. She took gradually several responsibilities within the company, being promoted in 2006 as Finance Director.
Dana has also been actively involved in Operations support for our distribution subsidiaries – Agroalim Distribution and Frigorifer Tulcea.
Being part of Smithfield Prod management team, Dana Brindescu Iovanov gained not only financial experience but also expertise in the operational aspects of the business. She acquired overview knowledge of the business and thorough understanding of all processes, being involved in all Smithfield Prod business projects developed in the last years, assessing their financial impact.
“I am confident that Dana Brindescu Iovanov’s experience will be influential in achieving Smithfield’s growth strategy in Romania, by developing people, constantly improving the service and profitability of our business”, said Bogdan Mihail, President Smithfield Romania.
Dana is a graduate of West University of Timisoara, previously working within a reputable international audit company.

International Food Day, celebrated by students, in Timisoara

October 15, 2012, Timisoara. On the World Food Day, the Environmental Department of the Timisoara Municipality, Smithfield Prod and Iris High School have organized an open lecture for the students from elementary schools in Timisoara, with the purpose of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, as well as to inform them about a balanced diet.

The event was held for two hours in the Iris High School assembly hall. Besides the organizers, representatives from Smithfield, teachers and students from Iris High School and No. 12 and 25 elementary schools also participated. On this occasion, students have been informed about the significance of the World Food Day, which takes place every year on 16th of October and about the role of nutrition and lifestyle for a healthy and harmonious development.


Smithfield Romania volunteers  prepared presents for more than 3600 pupils, with the occasion of the new school year

Timisoara, September 24, 2012: Continuing the tradition for the sixth consecutive year, Smithfield Romania “Back to School” program debuted on September 17. For five days, the Smithfield Romania volunteers shared gifts for the beginning of the year to more than 3,600 students and pre-school children in 61 municipalities in the counties of Timis and Arad.
In five days, the 36 Smithfield volunteers have travelled over 2100 km, giving children the already traditional backpacks, writing materials and school schedules (with messages to save natural resources). In addition, this time, the little athletes from Smithfield communities have experienced yet another pleasant surprise when the company donated the appropriate equipment to help them not miss any of the sporting activities this fall.

Presents with the materials required to start a new year of educational training were also prepared for children in kindergarten and preparatory groups from Smithfield communities in Timis and Arad counties, and also for 250 students, children of Smithfield Farms, Smithfield Prod and Agroalim Distribution employees.
The “Back to School” program also considered the spaces in which students are to work, so the company has also supplied furniture for setting up a school classroom in the village Utvin, Sânmihaiu Roman and a chalkboard for a classroom in Niţchidorf

Green Campaign – 2 years since launch

Since August 2010, all Smithfield Romania employees have been arduously participating to the “Green Campaign”, a CSR campaign aimed at protecting the environment through effective management, selective collection and recycling of paper and plastic waste.

Two years have passed and we are all pleased not only with  the satisfactory results, driven by the already mentioned “selective collection”, but with a new challenge for all Smithfield Romania employees, under the headline  “ Cherish the WATER and the ENERGY,  preserve the future!“ , respectively the expansion of the program towards saving the resources WATER and ENERGY.


The main objectives of this internal communication campaign are raising awareness on the importance of the rational consumption of utilities and their impact on the environment. Therefore, the employees will have the possibility to get in touch, during their activities, with interesting messages that bring up arguments for a usage as rational as possible of these resources at the workplace as well as at home.

This action is part of the multiple initiatives of Smithfield Romania for protecting the environment: Millions of People, Millions of Trees; Your world? A Clean one! World Water Monitoring Day, programs through which our company is promoting a responsible behavior towards the environment.


Since 2013 How Smithfield Farm, the Former Comtim, Looks like Today, Considering that 15 Years Ago Pigs Were Eating One Another - Timisoara, the Champion in Social Responsibility towards People with Intellectual Disabilities  

Since 2012 Smithfield Wants to Export Less than 10% of Production, around 85,000 Hogs, to Europe - The Americans from Smithfield Have Brought a Romanian Woman to Manage the Processing Division - Smithfield Romania’s Sales Have Increased by 10% in the First Fiscal Quarter, Reaching 63.5 million dollars - Smithfield Wants to Export Less than 10% of Production, around 85,000 Hogs, to Europe


Since 2011 ZF Who’s Who in Business Romania. Today, Bogdan Mihail, President of Smithfield Romania. 


Since 2010 Smithfield Romania Has a New President


 Smithfield Has Completed Re-technologizing the Refrigeration Area: Investment of USD 3.5 mil.

Mai 12, 2010, Companies

Smithfield Prod, a company with activities in pork processing, has completed works of re-technologizing the area of fast refrigeration of pork carcasses resulted from the slaughtering process, an investment of USD 3.5 million, the new refrigeration area covering 755 square meters.


According to the local farm division of the American group Smithfield, seven contracting companies have been involved in this project for four months.


“Re-technologizing the refrigeration area, next to advantages related to food safety, efficiency increase and modernizing of company’s production capacity, involves the advantage of reducing losses of cold and also electricity consumption, some important aspects from the environmental protection perspective also”, declared the general manager of Smithfield Prod, Morten Jensen.


The fast refrigeration is a method of food refrigeration, of pork in the current situation, at a low temperature, that is also safe from the point of view of stopping bacteria spreading. By such investment, by transiting carcasses through tunnels with temperatures from -18 to 24 degrees Celsius, for 90 minutes, the pork reaches optimal parameters to be safely stored and subsequently consumed.


This investment adds up to the 67 million dollars the company has exclusively invested in the last five years for modernizing production capacities of the former Comtim.


Smithfield slaughterhouse has a capacity of 600 heads per hour, being located on the former Comtim area, in Timis County.

The group has entered the Romanian market in 2004, when they purchased Agrotorvis and Comtim Group. Smithfield competes on the local pork market with Marex, Agricola Bacau, Suinprod Roman and Caruz Group.


More details at: The US Ambassador Visiting Vinga Feed Mill of Smithfield Romania