In Romania,  Comtim was for many years one of the largest hog producers and processors in Europe. Smithfield entered the Romanian market in 2004 by the acquisition of the former Comtim group. Smithfield strives  to  place continued importance on upholding  the pride and traditions of Banat people.


Smithfield Prod slaughterhouse

Freidorf slaughterhouse’s construction started in 1985 as a State/owned Company.

Currently,  the facility complies with all the European Standards, after the  refurbishment  process was completed using  Smithfield investments and  technological know-how of the most  important technology suppliers all over Europe.

Our goals

Smithfield Prod’s goals are to revitalize the pork industry in Romania and to supply the national market with Made-in-Romania fresh meat in order to balance the pork meat imports.

Key facts about Freidorf Slaughterhouse, the main working point of Smithfield Prod:

  • New Slaughter line, capacity: 600 heads / hour
  • New De boning line, capacity: 300 heads / hour
  • New Packing line, capacity: 300 heads /hour

At Smithfield Prod, we seek to bring out excellence when it comes to the safety of our products, as part of our daily operational priority.  To ensure our ability to provide safe, healthy meat for our clients, we use a multitude of food safety processes, we have implemented traceability instruments and provided all our employees with adequate training.

We are proud of the ISO 22000 certification on Food Safety Management System Standard for IFS Version 6 implementation at Smithfield Prod and which stands as a proof of the Quality standards we are using, and on the assurance of high quality products. Our fresh pork meat products are directed to all the sales channels in Romania from retailers to processors.

Persuant to availability created by  the slaughterhouse there is a new cash and carry system whereby  a wide range of fresh products is available for our clients.