Rendering plant

Due to our care for environment, Smithfield is managing both by-products and wastewaters resulting from the slaughtering process through  two modern plants, the wastewater treatment plant and the rendering plant.

Smithfield Prod’s rendering plant

Smithfield Prod’s rendering plant is one of the and most modern animal-origin by products processing plants in Romania approved according to the EU Directive 1069/2009, which consists of processing 2nd and 3rd by-product category.

The large investments in production equipment and environmental equipment ensures that our rendering plant meets all current environmental rules and regulations. All rendering products manufactured by Smithfield Prod are made from absolutely fresh porcine by-products, which are processed immediately after slaughtering.

Smithfield Prod is a member of ERPRA (European Fat Processors and Rendering Association) –

Our goals:

  • We continuously strive:
    • To process by-products in a way that meets all veterinary and environmental regulations;
    • To meet all current environmental rules and regulations while production processes.
    • To use production equipment that minimizes air and water impact so that emissions may not cause any inconvenience;
    • To provide quality services and products;
    • To ensure customized products for our clients;
    • To give as much added value as possible to the raw materials;

Our products

The main objective of  the Rendering  Plant is collecting and processing the animal by-products that are not intended for human consumption. The 3rd category  meal produced out of the rendering process is a valuable source of animal protein that can be a valuable raw material for pet food production. Smithfield Prod also has the capacity of producing 2nd category meal for fertilizer compost, energy and 2nd  and 3rd category Porcine fat.

Rendering activity vs. environment

The rendering activity is by its nature a green industry with positive environment effects – we are processing the animal origin by-products not meant for human consumption and we use nature-friendly additional technologies: wastewater treatment plant and biofilter. There is no impact on the environment after the rendering production process – the environmental process is clean and no chemicals are left over.