Leadership team

Dana Brindescu Iovanov - Smithfield Prod, General Manager

Dana joined Smithfield Prod in August 2005 as a Financial Controller and was successful in implementing new procedures and internal reporting in Finance area. She took gradually several responsibilities in Finance, being promoted in 2006 as Finance Director.

Prior she was actively involved in Operations support for our Romanian joint-venture & distribution subsidiary.

Dana’s career, prior to joining Smithfield allowed her to get knowledge about several industries and to get overall vision on businesses from different areas of activity.

In november 2012 Dana was appointed GM for Smithfield Prod.

Ms. Brindescu graduated with a concentration in Economic Studies at West University in Timisoara. She is also a graduate of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants courses – UK. Ms. Brindescu  holds a Master’s degree in Romanian Taxation.

Florin Raba - Smithfield Prod, Commercial Director

Mr. Raba joined Smithfield Prod’s team in 2006, as a distribution manager, and was responsible  for developing the fresh meat distribution network in Western Romania.

Currently he holds the position of Commercial Manager with Smithfield Prod, and is  also responsible for the Key Accounts sales channel and industrial strategic clients. Previously, he was a Chief technologist in the  food industry and an outlet director for one of the leading companies in Romania for dry meat products. Mr. Raba was in charge  of the logistic center and was a main contributor  to substantial sales increases company wide.

Mr.Raba graduated from the Foodstuff Product Faculty at USAMVB Timisoara and holds an after-graduation diploma in Marketing and business management at West University, Timisoara.

Mihaela Adam - Smithfield Romania, Human Resources Director

Mihaela Adam joined the Smithfield team in 2008. Previously she was a Business Consultant within one of the largest fast food chains in Romania, and the  Human Resources Manager for an important multinational company located in Timisoara. She is also the  founding member of the West HR Club.

Ms. Adam plans to develop all HR management functions within Smithfield Prod, attaining all  the performance objectives of the organization and improving the activities related to increasing  employees’motivation  and developing interpersonal working relationships.

Ms.Adam graduated from the Technical University of Timisoara-Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, and is certified in Human Resources Management. She successfully completed an Operation & Marketing Course – Chicago, Foundation of Leadership training– Munchen.

Adriana Ilioiu - Smithfield Prod, Logistics and Purchasing Manager

Mrs. Adriana Ilioiu joined Smithfield Prod in 2008, as an indirect material buyer, and, in 2011, she took over the department responsibilities in the capacity of Purchasing Department Manager; in that position, she showed professionalism and focused on optimizing the department activity and reducing the general operational expenses of the company.

In February 2017, she has become Logistics and Purchasing Manager, with a coordination role in purchasing and goods transport teams. Her main focus will be to optimize costs and to make delivery activities more efficient and compliant with our clients’ requirements.

She is a graduate of Politehnica University of Timisoara, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and has attended Master degree classes of the same University, being specialized in Technical Expertise and Engineering Diagnoses. Throughout time, she has attended several specialized training courses on negotiation techniques, internal audit and purchasing management.


Cristina Bodea - Smithfield Romania, Sustainability Director

In 2006 Ms. Bodea joined Smithfield Prod team as Executive Assistant, progresively becoming in charge with handling corporate external communication. In 2009 she took over responsibility of internal communication and PR after successfully facilitating and pioneering the first CSR projects for Smithfield Prod.

In 2014, as a result of her many communication and social projects, accomplished with great results, she was promoted Director of Sustainability. Her past experience demonstrates an active engagement with various NGOs, from volunteering to project coordination, including structural funds management, within a Regional Developmental Agency.

Her main objective is to  successfully  implement  the current  Sustainability Strategy, ensuring a platform for responsible behavior for all Smithfield Prod employees as well as a sustainable dialogue with the company’s stakeholders.

Ms. Bodea  is a Political and Communications Sciences graduate, having completed her formal education with a Master Degree in Lobbying and Advocacy at West University, Timisoara.

Dorel Bodea - Smithfield Prod, Plant Manager

Mr. Eng. Dorel Bodea joined our team in 2005, shortly after the startup of Smithfield operations in Romania, taking part in all stages of refurbishment of the Freidorf slaughterhouse.

With over 30 years of experience as a technical engineer and with a solid technical background gained within “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, he held over time, leading positions in one of the most important companies in the mechanical field in Timisoara.

Since May 2015, Mr. Eng. Dorel Bodea holds the position of Plant Manager of Smithfield Prod with responsibilities in production and rendering plant management, as well as providing technical support management for the plant to operate at optimal parameters and standards.

Mihai Milchi - Smithfield Prod, IT Manager

Mr.Milchi joined Smithfield in January 2005, shortly after operations began  in Romania.

Prior to joining Smithfield team Mr.Milchi spent five years with one of the most important IT companies worldwide as part of the Global Services/Strategic Outsourcing division.Mr. Milchi participated in commencing and operating the IT infrastructure in several plants in the Western part of Romania, including Greenfield projects.

Mr. Milchi graduated with a Computers-Automation degree from Technical University Timisoara.

Ștefania Surdu - Smithfield Prod, Senior Legal Adviser

Alumni of Law and Administrative Sciences of West University of Timişoara, Ştefania Surdu has become a member of Smithfield Prod’s team since January 2008.

Having 12 years’ experience in the field of law, Ştefania gradually took over several attributions in our company, at the present day being on the position of Senior Legal Adviser.

Previously, as Legal Adviser, Ştefania provided legal consultancy services for companies whose main objects of activity consisted of Civil/Industrial constructions, Real Estate and Motor Subassembly Making.

At present, in Smithfield Prod Company, Ştefania Surdu is responsible for the legal appearance of our company’s interests towards state’s authorized institutions or any other specialised organisations,  providing not only the legal consultancy and representing the company in its litigations, but also  the juridical assistance for our departments and implementing the revision of contracts/documents with juridical character issued/received by our company.

She was also involved in several projects characteristic for the department that she represents, such as the acquisition and completion of the tabulation of properties owned by the society, capital increase operations, mergers of companies in the group, transfer of shares.

She participated at various courses of further training in the legal field, organised by authorised institutions.

She is a member of Colleges’ Union of Legal Advisers from Romania.


Mihaela Rad - Smithfield Prod, Environmental Manager

Mrs. Mihaela Rad joined Smithfield Prod’s team, in 2008, in the position of manager in charge of implementing the Environmental Management System, according to ISO International Standard 14001.

She previously had the position of EHS Manager for an important company in the automotive industry, where she was in charge of implementing management systems, risk assessment, identification and assessment of environmental aspects and impact, compliance with legal requirements. Starting with 2017, Mrs. Mihaela Rad has taken over new responsibilities within the company as Compliance Manager, coordinating the teams of occupational health and safety, emergency situation and environmental protection departments, with the goal to provide for a full compliance of the company to legal requirements and for an integrated approach of OHS – ES- EP aspects.

Mihaela Rad graduated the Faculty of Environmental Physics within West University of Timisoara, but also within the University of Barcelona. Throughout her carrier, she has gained experience in different fields of activity such as: implementation and coordination of environmental and occupational health and safety management systems, resource efficiency, solid development, national and international legislation in the field of environmental protection, audits and impact assessments, prevention and reduction of pollution, and operational management.


Laurentiu Pandele - Smithfield Romania, Quality Director Assurance

In 2011, Mr. Laurentiu joined  the Smithfield team as Quality Director Assurance.

Mr. Laurentiu  has a wide experience in food sector, and later he had the responsibility  of Quality manger for one of the leading companies of cash and carry segments.

Mr.Laurentiu graduated from  West University of Timisoara/ Veterinary Medicine and is a postgraduate of the  University of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine – Bucharest, Romania/ Food Safety.He also  has focused on specific  trainings  in food safety and the  implementation of quality control systems.

Valer Martin - Smithfield Prod, Human Resources Manager

Mr. Valer Martin joined Smithfield Prod in April 2008 as a human resources specialist, with previous experience both within Human resources- in a consulting firm, and in sales . This diversified experience helped him to gradually take over certain responsibilities within the team, being promoted in 2014 to the position of human resources coordinator .

Due to the consistency with which he successfully accomplished every time his duties as coordinator, with a substantial dose of passion and loyalty to the company, in January 2015 Mr. Valer Martin was promoted as manager of human resources, with the main objective of efficiently coordinating human resources specialists team he leads .

Mr. Martin is a graduate of Western University of Timisoara, Faculty of Psychology , completing his studies with a series of training courses in human resources .